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DOG GUARD® Out of Sight® Fencing

We strongly recommend that you view our infomercial, which provides a friendly yet informative overview for our wireless pet containment systems, the training program and other frequently asked questions.

Reliable Pet Products

What Makes DOG GUARD® Out-of-Sight Fencing® the BEST Electronic Dog Fencing?

As explained on our Home page, DOG GUARD® Out-of-Sight Fencing® is not a product so much as a system that keeps your pet safe and on YOUR property, where they belong! That system includes:

  • A professionally installed DOG GUARD® Out-of-Sight Fencing® system
  • A Professional Dog Training Program for you AND your pet, designed for bullet-proof “stay at home!” results.
  • Year round service and support by the same DOG GUARD® dealer who provided your initial consultation, installs your system, and who provided the World-Class training that makes it all work!

Reliable products. Guaranteed service. That’s the DOG GUARD® promise.

At Dog Guard®, we believe our products and services are the best on the market. Our transmitters and receivers are so well made and reliable that we offer a lifetime warranty on the equipment.

We want you to feel secure that you have chosen the best product and service possible. That’s why Dog Guard® provides a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, valid from the purchase date of your equipment.

Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing® is a safe, affordable alternative to traditional pet fences, and uses a veterinarian-approved combination of animal training and state-of-the art electronics to safely train your pet where it can and cannot go.

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How a Wireless, Underground, Electronic Dog Fence Provides Containment

  • After determining the best custom configuration of your containment system, you fence installer plants a thin signal wire underground to define the containment area(s). There are a variety of configurations (see Fence Layouts) that enable you to completely enclose up to 50 acres, while additional equipment can be used to further define areas within that which your dog can or CANNOT access. PLEASE NOTE: This wire can be safely planted without causing any damage to your lawn or landscaping.
  • Bright yellow boundary flags are then planted within the perimeter of the signal wire to provide a visual signal to your pet.

Then the Professional Dog Training Begins

  • During the initial days of training, you and your trainer walk your leashed dog around the perimeter of your containment area (as defined by the boundary flags), and verbal training commands are used to train your pet to avoid the boundary flags.
  • Then your system is activated, which transmits a signal to the buried signal wire, and you continue with the perimeter walks, only now the receiver in your pets training collar can sense when it is close to the signal wire. When your pet enters the “reminder zone” within 3’ to 6’ from the signal wire, they receive YOUR CHOICE of an audio signal or a mild, totally harmless correction stimulus. Between the perimeter training with the boundary flags and voice commands, this THIRD feedback is often enough to train and “remind” your dog to go do further.
  • If your pet should enter WITHIN 3’ of the buried signal wire, they will receive a 2nd stronger signal, as determined by you and your dog trainer. Remember that a DOG GUARD® Out-of-Sight Fencing® system features the STRONGEST CORRECTION SIGNAL IN THE INDUSTRY! And that the actual strength of this 2nd correction signal is under YOUR control! You don’t need to use the strongest level unless your pet is particularly resistant to training AND you choose to!
  • After 7 to 10 days of leashless correction training, your trainer will begin to introduce distractions into the training environment, so your pet learns its boundaries under all kinds of distracting circumstances.

The above methodology has been refined and improved over a 25-year period to where the combination of superior pet safe technology and firm, knowledgeable dog training provides the foundation for your DOG GUARD® Out-of-Sight Fencing® dealer to offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Our Indoor Dog or Cat Fence is BETTER Than a Freestanding Pet Gate!

DOG GUARD® also features an indoor containment system built around a small, versatile transmitter that generates a 20’ – 30’ zone that either safely contains your dog or cat, OR can be used to keep them OUT OF the same zone.

Because it is so small, versatile AND EFFECTIVE, it can be taken camping or vacation to give YOU control over where your pet can and cannot go.

What DOG GUARD® Customers are Saying...

Karen D’Angelo of Wyomissing, PA

I bought a Dog Guard system about 5 years ago from one of your dealers, Bob Reggio, from Wyomissing, PA. Not only did he install a great system, but he has been providing me with outstanding customer service for those years.

Bill Moore of Tulsa, OK

Cory (our older cat) gets “bit” about once every week or so, but has not crossed the line in the last 8 months. The amazing thing is Ping (our younger Siamese) stays in the yard as well. We think that Cory has taught him that he is not supposed to leave the back yard.

Connie Brockwell of Sutherland, VA

I called Bill and he came directly out to help me solve my problem. He explained “Out-Of-Sight” Fencing to me and said he had never worked with a wolf but was willing to try. Well, Bill has been so kind and patient with Shawnee and me. He installed the fencing and helped me train Shawnee

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